Sunday, December 8, 2013



Yes,he is my brother...Alhamdulillah coz i have him as a brother

Alhamdulillah i'm proud with him

his courage, his attitude, his comedy, his spirit, his determination

now i can see his effort in working part-time,i see his effort in his studies,he fills his free times with the good things(he loves qasidah)

i feel that he is better than me,better than me,better than me

now he becomes my ustaz,he tasmi' my quran,he teaches me tajweed

i feel shy with him

how come he can be that good ?

because of ALLAH,he has the intention to change himself long time ago but he didn't get support

yes that's my fault,but now of course i didn't want to repeat it again

i want to learn from him,on the same time i pray that we all will keep istiqomah in this path

and of course i love my siblings

ketinggian yg melampau..huhu GIGANTISM mungkin?
confirmla tinggi kalau lawan dgn adik bongsu ^_^

semalam dkt bukit jalil..he wears the jubah that i bought for him *_*

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