Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Isn’t it so funny how we all walk around
never even thinking of the days under the ground
the drive and ambition taking over our lives
for this world for the fame for the power do we strive

When we step out of our homes in the middle of the day
do we ever think when is the end of my stay
someone dies in the news right in front of your face
do we ever think when is my turn in the grave
to read all the tales of the kings of the past
do we ever think how long did it last
day after day, night after night
do we ever think when is the end of my life

So many excuses so many reasons
to stay away from the truth
to know what we can
trying hard to run away
from the truth of this life
from the test from the hardship as sharp as a knife
why don’t we know
understand that its true on that day in the end
we’ll be held accountable
so lets make up our minds to do the right thing
in this life in our chance Allah’s name do we sing

Written by Muhammad Islam
nasheed without music

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